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- You MUST Sign-in before every class. This can be done on the iPad or on your Mobile App.

- If you are attending your first class at our studio and have not registered online, please arrive 10-15 minutes before class time so you can be properly registered and situated in the studio.

- If you do not provide the studio with an email address, you will not receive notification of any Studio Updates (this is usually done 3-4 times per year maximum).

- In the event of harsh weather, classes may be cancelled with little notice. Notifications of any class cancellation are not sent out. In the event of a class cancellation for any reason it will be visible on our MindBODY site (you must have a log-in to access it)




- Turn off all cell phone ringers before entering the studio, and please leave it in the change room during class.

- Remove shoes and place them on the shoe rack before entering the practice space.




- Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins.

- If you are taking class from a teacher who is new to you, arrive early to inform them of any injuries or conditions.

- If you are late for unavoidable reasons, check with the teacher before entering the space, if and when it is appropriate to enter, do so quietly.    

- If the class is full, be prepared to move your mat and allow the teacher to make a space for latecomers (unless the class limit is full).

- It is agents our code of conduct to disrupt the energy of other participants in any way. This can include but is not limited to: excess chatter, strong body odour, keeping mobile devices on and present while practicing, aggressive/outward negative energy, etc.




- Spray and wipe studio mats with provided spray and towels after use and roll mats tightly! (Do not throw the reusable towels in the garbage.)

- Please stack all props neatly.

- Please do not use our blankets to wipe sweat or water from the floor or your body. [If you tend to sweat, bring a towel to class].

T B Y + F S


"Every moment we are together – from the street outside, to class, to back outside again – we have the opportunity to respect and appreciate one another."


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