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Class Descriptions

For the Gentle & Relaxed Yogi:


Restorative yoga is practice designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. We use many props to support the postures, while gently stretching, strengthening and relaxing the body. This class is appropriate for students of all levels.


This class is designed to offer a mix of both worlds balancing yang through a dynamic, heart pumping Vinyasa series linking both breath with movement and yin - a slow, easy, deep practice that stretches our connective tissue. Explore and experience the beneficial effects of both styles for a whole body experience leaving you feeling relaxed yet happily stimulated.

Honey Flow:

Honey Flow is the the perfect combination of Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga. The Vinyasa portion will focus on integrating breath with movements, flowing into postures. In the Yin portion the class will focus on away from your muscles, bringing the attention to the connective soft-tissues fibers in the body, focusing on flexibility while we hold pose for a few minuets at a time. Completing the Honey circle, we end off with a Restorative practice. Feeling fully relaxed and supported with all the props, releasing any active energy in the body. A perfect way to end the beginning of your week for all yogis from beginners to seasoned!

For the Fit Yogi:

Barre Movement:

Barre Movement will help you to sculpt  a more sleek and lean physique! Total Barre is an effective hybrid of Pilates, ballet, cardio and strength-training set to music and utilizing the ballet Barre and an array of props. At the end of the Barre practice we stretch out our overworked muscles with a few yoga postures.

Power Flow/CorePower Flow:

A challenging yet fun, dynamic Vinyasa practice linking breath with movement focused on strengthening & building deep core awareness. An excellent class for people who want to develop core stability to assist with any minor back injuries.


Yoga + Pilates = \'yo-gaw, law-tees'\

Pilates conditioning meets yoga’s flow. You will gain strength, increase flexibility and learn total body awareness stemming from the control center the “core.”


HIIT = High-Intensity Interval Training. In this training technique you push yourself and give 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short (and sometimes active), recovery periods. HIIT gets and keeps your heart rate up which burns more fat in less time!


TRX = Suspension Training.

This program born in the Navy SEALs uses your body weight to exercise and develop strength, balance, flexibility and sore stability simultaneously. This class utilizes the leverage of gravity and your body weight to engage in hundreds of fun and challenging exercises with maximum results!

For the Universal Yogi:


Vinyasa. \'vin-yaw-saw'\ meaning = Flow (referring to movement).

In this class we will explore movement with breath as its accompaniment, as we flow from posture to posture. We will get to know our body through challenging it in either a gentle to intermediate or advanced flowing sequence (depending on the level of the class you attend).

Yoga Foundations:

Every student has the opportunity to explore their practice as a beginner on the mat. This class offers the new yogi to the experienced one an opportunity to explore the key elements of alignment, the structure of a posture and the breath to establish a practice that is balanced and with a deep level of body awareness. Recommended for all yogis from New to Pro!

Ashtanga Practice:

Ashtanga. \'ash-tang-gaw'\ meaning = eight-limbed.

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of yoga with a set sequence of postures. It is based around the concept of Vinyasa/ or breath-synchronized movement. Meaning that transitions between postures are given as much focus as the postures themselves. The result is a dynamic and rigorous practice that gives you the opportunity to build and improve your practice each time you are on the mat!


Hatha. \'ha-thaw'\ meaning = Willful/Forceful (referring to movement)

We will get to know our body through challenging it in a gentle/intermediate Hatha sequence. Strengthening the principals of our practice will help us deal with different challenges in our daily lives, helping us keep our balance both on and off the mat.

Master Class:

This 75 minute class offers selective yoga sequencing to open the body (and mind) towards complex peak poses. Students learn layer-by-layer the steps and techniques to challenge themselves to mater the advanced yoga postures. Each week offers a different key pose to explore.

*            -Starting Out

* *         -Yoga Familiar

* * *       -Ready for a Challenge

* * * *     -Yoga Veteran

Some class levels vary by teacher and time-slot. Many classes have multiple class levels, ones listed are the minimum.

Star system also varies by person and do not carry any prerequisites. Students may attend any class they choose regardless of your experience.