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Ya'ara Saks

Ya’ara has been “yogi in progress” for nearly twenty years. Coming to yoga first through the Iyengar style studying in Israel, India and Australia while living abroad, she came back to Toronto in 2007 with her family. 

Ya’ara is certified in Vinyasa, Yin, PreNatal, Restorative and Family and Children’s Yoga. She also holds certifications for working with chronic illness including Cancer, Diabetes and PTSD as a Yoga Therapist. She is continually learning with her inspirational teachers from Vinyasa, Yin and Jivamukti disciplines, along with her practice and training in Vipassana Meditation from the Dhamma Tali Centre in India. 

Ya’ara believes that yoga creates nourishing and open environments for adults and children to breath, play and be. She teaches from the heart to students from 18 months to 80 years of age, from floor or to chair, through practices that encourage us to find the “kid inside”, let go, laugh, and have fun on and off the mat.

Catalina Schliapnik


Catalina is in town!

She is an energetic and dynamic Certified Yoga instructor focused on positive results and student satisfaction. She has the skill and passion to challenge students at their own level.


"It not only helped me recover from injuries by rebuilding my strength, posture and flexibility, I also noticed I became more in tune with myself, practicing yoga helped bring me back into balance".


Since, I discovered yoga and its benefits I want to share my own learning's and the teachings from various mentors who have inspired me".

No matter which posture (Asanas) are you practicing, always remember that nothing is perfect, you can always improve. 


“ Remember, the student also teaches the teacher. " 

Elizabeth "Liz" Idowu

Liz has lived a lifetime of movement and music studies. Starting off her professional career as a musical theatre major, instrumental music minor at Etobicoke School of the Arts. She travelled to study Contemporary Dance in Montreal and a specialized modern technique, Horton, as well as continuing her Ballet studies in New York at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. It was there where she discovered yoga and became inspired to become a wellness instructor who now teaches yoga in addition to indoor cycling and barre.

Her love of music, movement, wellness and body awareness drives her to cultivate classes accessible to all levels (beginner to seasoned) for all to experience a well rounded, effective workout to bring their wellness goals into fruition.

"My classes are always filled with inspiration and energy that will push you to challenge yourself with muscular endurance, improvement of range of motion/mobility and releasing stress/tension."

Patricia McPherson


After experiencing 2 car accidents in 2007, a friend of Patricia offered her a 5-class pass at a Yoga Studio to assist in healing her mind, soul and body.  Little did Patricia know this was the beginning of a lasting relationship with yoga that would change her lifestyle and her outlook on health and wellness!


Since then Patricia has had a dedicated and disciplined home practice for over 5 years and in a studio environment.  The accidents were unfortunate but they helped her see how the benefits of yoga and yin yoga can rehabilitate one’s physical body in acquiring more flexibility and mobility in everyday life and how it helps gain mental strength, stillness and grounding. These experiences led her to obtain her Yoga and Yin yoga Teachers certification and helped shape a growing desire to help others find fluidity and balance in movement.

 As well as her love for yoga, Patricia is also a singer, model and actor and loves the creative aspect of expression in all of her work.  She’s fun, loves to laugh and strives to help people find happiness and comfort in their own practice.


Jacob Saphra

Jacob is a passionate practitioner, teacher and forever student of yoga, movement and fitness.

Trained in Goa, India, and later registered with the Yoga Alliance, Jacob is motivated by a strong desire to bring yoga and other functional movement patterns to people of all ages and backgrounds in order to promote good health and longevity in the community.

Rebecca "Bex" Zelewicz

My personal Yoga journey began as a curiosity. Coming from a background in gymnastics and Kinesiology, I was initially drawn to yoga for the physical challenge. My Yoga practice deepened as I learned to find balance by staying present to the moment using the breath. In 2010, my connection to Yoga led me to complete a 280-hour Yoga Teacher-Training Course focusing on Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga.
In 2011 I travelled to India where i spent six months learning, evolving, exploring and connecting further with my own being and the universe. It is through my time in India that I gained a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy, meditation and pranayama. In recent years my sense of playfulness has drawn me to expand my Yoga practice into Partner and Acro Yoga. Apart from Yoga I enjoy Hooping, creating soulful food and music.


 "I believe that the greatest guru is in each and everyone of us and that as a Yoga Instructor it is my job to help individuals find trust in their inner self. I aim to help you find the tools seeded within to guide you in your practice. Helping you listen to your own body and use your inner voice for guidance as you overcome obstacles, decrease stress and deepen your own yoga practice."